About Us

The Strings of Hope Foundation was born out of a passion for tennis and a desire to care for young burn patients at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Tennis has always been a part of the lives of our founders. Having learned the game at a young age, it has truly helped to shape our lives. As we matured we learned to appreciate many of the finer aspects of the game, particularly racquet stringing. Considered an art by some, we learned to string out of necessity. For those not familiar, tennis strings break from time to time for both the recreational and competitive player. These broken strings need to be replaced, and the tennis stringer replaces the strings at a fraction of the cost of buying a new racquet.

We have always enjoyed working with children. From teaching tennis lessons to participating in educational programs, we have had many rewarding experiences. However, our work with pediatric burn patients gave an entirely new perspective of caring for children. Though not often discussed, burns are terribly debilitating injuries that scar victims physically, mentally, and emotionally. Burns are injuries that last an entire lifetime, making them all the more harmful for young children. One of the most disturbing aspects of burns is that they mainly affect perfectly healthy people. In an instant, burns transform these individuals into some of the most critical patients in the hospital.

The hospital recovery process is long, lasting several weeks to many months. This is where the Strings of Hope Foundation helps pediatric burn patients. We provide financial assistance to support the treatment and activities of these children during their hospital recovery. Our funds are generated primarily through charitable racquet stringing. Our tennis stringers donate their time and skills to local tennis clubs to string tennis racquets using donated string and equipment. This allows one-hundred percent of the normal stringing profits to be donated to child burn victims through the Strings of Hope Foundation. All profits are considered donations and are fully tax-deductible. Monetary and string donations are also welcomed and can be made through our website under the “Donations” section.

We are very excited and privileged to be able to merge our two passions together to help those in need. Tennis has provided us with a lifetime of joy and opportunity, something we hope to share with these pediatric burn patients to brighten their futures. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope we have educated you about pediatric burns and the necessity for aiding its victims in our world.